BOC Sciences Provides a Metabolic Marker-Pseudouridine for Disease Diagnosis

June 29 00:57 2021

New York, USA – June 28, 2021 – Recently, BOC Sciences announced that it has completed the optimization of pseudouridine production conditions to increase the global supply of pseudouridine.

Diseases cause the human body to gradually deviate from its normal form and function. Malignant diseases such as tumors and kidney diseases pose a serious threat to human health. The early detection and early diagnosis of diseases, especially malignant diseases, has always been the focus of people’s attention.

Organism metabolites are the final end products produced by the whole genome or proteome. Therefore, the dynamic changes of metabolites can very sensitively reflect the final condition of the organism. Different body fluids, such as urine, serum, saliva, etc., are good samples for metabolic analysis. The changes or fluctuations of metabolites in different body fluids are of great significance to the diagnosis of diseases, the discovery of drug targets, and the monitoring of prognosis.

Pseudouridine (PD) is a modified nucleoside, which is mainly produced by the metabolism of transfer RNA and cannot be reused by the body. Because the tRNA metabolism rate of malignant diseases is higher than that of normal cells, the use of pseudouridine as a metabolic marker has guiding significance for the diagnosis, monitoring and efficacy evaluation of malignant diseases such as tumors and kidney diseases. Pseudouridine exists in blood and urine, and the level of pseudouridine in serum and urine of patients with malignant diseases is significantly higher than that of normal people. There is no significant difference in the positive detection rate of pseudouridine in serum and urine, and the two are highly correlated. Pseudouridine present in serum usually has disadvantages such as low concentration, high requirements for sample pretreatment, cumbersome operation and time-consuming operation, which is not suitable for extensive clinical determination. The urine is easier to collect and more practical. Therefore, pseudouridine in urine can replace pseudouridine in serum as a metabolic marker for a wide range of clinical determinations.

BOC Sciences provides the highest purity pseudouridine, which can be used as a metabolic marker for disease diagnosis. As the manager of BOC Sciences said, “Our GMP platform can produce a large amount of pseudouridine with an annual output of more than 500 kg. All products have passed strict quality control to meet the production needs of the factory.”

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BOC Sciences has professional experts focusing on research in various fields such as pharmaceuticals, chemistry and life sciences. BOC Sciences has become the world’s leading supplier of pseudouridine with the largest production capacity, providing high-quality pseudouridine products and related services to scientists and researchers in academia and industry worldwide. All BOC Sciences products are produced in dedicated cleanroom equipment and undergo rigorous QC and HPLC purification to eliminate potential contamination and ensure stability, repeatability and safety between batches. Relying on the GMP synthesis platform and rich experience in development and synthesis, BOC Sciences is committed to providing competitive prices and timely delivery of pseudouridine products, as well as ensuring the recognized quality.

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