BNI Research Group under Merger Talks Set to Open New Office in Pune & Gurugram India post Pandemic

June 29 01:33 2021
Research and analytics solutions giant, BNI Research Group has announced the opening of a new office in Pune and Gurugram, India, as well as plans for a new merger post covid-19

India – The opening of a new office in Pune and Gurugram, India would address one of the Bni research Group complaints of its clients.

Following in the steps of their goal of helping its clients grow through informed decisions made because of good data, the company announced the opening of a new office in Pune and Gurugram, India. The company also announced that it will be undergoing a merger that aids its other goal of turning into a global leader in the research and analytics field.

The opening of this office is one of the many steps being taken by the company to enable the fulfillment of clients’ needs. The full details of this merger have not yet been made public though.

The company’s amazing solutions allow its customers to gain access to the unparalleled combination of capabilities of a result-oriented Research and Data technology team comprising a regional staff across the country and in the USA. Over the years, the company has continued to expand its services, forming key external partnerships and strategic alliances with partners in the US and Europe, consequently providing access to the most dynamic and fast growing research hubs in the region.

BNI Research Group offers award-winning services that address the needs of organizations across different industries such as Travel and Leisure, Utilities and Energy, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Health Care, and Banking & Finance.

BNI Research Group is a global leader in the following fields: clinical trials, biostatistics, regulatory affairs, data management, medical writing, market research, clinical research telecommunications, investment research, healthcare, banking and finance, travel & hospitality, and insurance.

About BNI Research Group

Based in India, BNI Research Group is a globally heralded research and analytics company that blends an experience in consulting and an expertise in advanced analytics to provide value to organizations. Operations conducted by BNI research Group allow them to provide access to the fastest growing and most dynamic research hubs in the region.

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