Jasminer chip on the Nasdaq for global release

November 06 01:40 2021

Sunlune is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on r&d and sales of high-throughput chips integrated with memory and computing. In 2018, Sunlune began to explore and study high-throughput special algorithm chips, and in March 2021, the chip was successfully taped out and finished beta test.

“Jasmine X4″, the world’s first high-throughput integrating memory and computing dedicated algorithm chip, Die size is 678 square mm2, 1TByte/s access bandwidth, 5GBytes memory capacity, 23W±10% power consumption, truly achieve high bandwidth, low power consumption.Integrated memory and computing chip technology is the direct use of memory for data processing.so that data storage and computation in one chip at same time,It is suitable for deep learning and neural network, such as large-scale data throughput, large-scale parallel processing application scenarios.”Jasmine X4” chip is ETH/ETC mining chip, the integration of memory and computing technology greatly improves the efficiency of data processing.

Mass production of jasmine X4 chips has began in August 2021, and Booking order was delivered in October.

Jasminer X4 high-throughput server, is a ethash server with high-throughput technology developed by Sunlune technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Jasminer X4 based on memory computing integrated high-throughput computing chip. The chip with memory computing integrated structure realizes the combination of storage and computing, Under the condition of meeting the requirements of storage capacity, it improves the memory access bandwidth, breaks through the bottleneck of computing power, save power and size,providing sufficient computing power, exquisite low-noice design,solid and quite. with the integrated memory and computing architecture and high- throughput technology, Jasminer X4 suitable for PoW algorithms such as ETCHASH and ETHASH, satisfy various customers and bring them a good return on investment.

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