‘Vacationing with God’ by Jack Lin is an Invitation to Seek Supernatural Experiences

November 08 23:52 2021

Author and explorer Jack Lin‘s latest book ‘Vacationing with God’ is a unique perspective on experiencing the supernatural in everything. As a traveler, Jack has developed the mind frame of a pilgrim who seeks and is open to new experiences. Through the book, he aims to guide the reader to have new encounters, accept them, believe in them, and ultimately treasure them.

‘Vacationing with God’ is a call to look away from phones and gadgets and utilize the sense of smell, touch, and a sense of the place. The writer encourages the reader to stop looking at the world as if it were a museum but rather to step out, embrace and expect the unexpected. Through his book, Jack hopes that the reader is blessed with what he defines as mystical experiences that cannot be created. “One cannot make them happen; either they happen, or they don’t,” says Jack.

As he prepared for this book, Jack began to ponder the question of why the Israeli soil is so holy. In his many travels, he encountered or found spiritual energy at different locations around the globe. On an island near the North Pole, a mountain in the Australian Outback, a cave in Greece, a spot on the Ganges River, and so on, each place gave off a certain amount of energy. But for Jack, he has yet to find a place that parallels the concentration of this type of energy that he found in Israel.

“And then it came to me. Thinking again about the quotes about the Jews from some of the world’s greatest thinkers, I surmised a connection. The force of humanity contains all people, with Christians, Jews & Muslims comprising the largest portion. And this energy of humankind started with a connection to the soil”, says Jack Lin.

This book is an invitation to the reader to do something that they typically urge others to do but never come around to doing themselves. As a professor, he has repeated the phrase ‘be open to new experiences’ hundreds of times. But sadly, he has only taken his own advice a few times. Through ‘Vacationing with God,’ the reader can travel, absorb and learn new experiences side-be-side Jack Lin.

“I thoroughly loved this book. It was a bit of a history lesson on a spiritual level, replete with explanations and a true sense of pulling everything together. This book so moved me that I booked a trip to Israel this summer. An extraordinary MUST READ! Also, a terrific gift that will not disappoint the recipient. Sit back and enjoy the very essence of a journey inside a book”, says an impressed reader.

Despite his scientific, educational background, Author Jack Lin seeks the spiritual aspects of the world. Wherever he travels, he maintains an open mind to experience what lies beyond the natural realm. Through his book and resources, he urges others to have the courage to do the same.

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