US Based ZEBRA Capital Offers DeFi Asset Management & Index Solutions for Emerging Markets with a Focus on Index Fund & Treasury Solution

November 09 22:24 2021
US Based ZEBRA Capital Offers DeFi Asset Management & Index Solutions for Emerging Markets with a Focus on Index Fund & Treasury Solution
ZEBRA Capital is an asset management firm that focuses on alternative investment opportunities in emerging sectors. Their professional team offers customized investment advice and offers investors access to high potential investment opportunities.

CLAYMONT, DE, USA – In the last few years, the alternative investments industry has grown in popularity and accessibility. The global economic downturn in 2008, which saw a big crash in public markets, led to heavy losses to many retail investors, who had primarily relied on traditional investments. As a result, many of these investors started exploring alternative investment opportunities.


Notwithstanding the economic and geopolitical environment that has affected virtually all industries in 2020, alternative investments seem to be more resilient than ever. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) had an impressive run in 2020, right in the middle of treasuries sell-offs and a stock market crash. Experts believe that regardless of any potential slowdown in 2021, the alternative sector will continue to increase in investment activity. Zebra Capital, a boutique investment firm based in Delaware, is well positioned to play a significant role in this space by connecting investors with high potential, innovative ideas and ventures.

According to market analysts, many of 2020’s deal drivers in alternatives remain in play in 2021 and beyond. That suggests 2022 will be an active year for alternative investment deals, at least in terms of overall volume. And despite 2020’s market volatility, many alternatives ended the year with record levels of investments.

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Zebra Capital has positioned itself as a robust asset manager specializing in capital markets and alternative investments. They provide index and treasury solutions for investors in emerging markets. The company gives sophisticated investors and institutions diversified exposure to DeFi assets. Their flagship product is an index of 13 defi tokens with market value for the long term and they are positioning it as huge alternative asset class. Their index and treasury solutions have a 12.5% yield rate. Leveraging their experienced team, they have been able to maintain a foothold in the forefront of sourcing and identifying sound investment opportunities for their clients.

Zebra Capital’s index asset class is Ethereum based, constituting an exposure to Compound, Maker Dao, USDC, and AAVE platforms. Zebra Capital has partnerships with crypto bigwigs such as Coinbase and Prime Trust for crypto custody services. On top of this, it leverages Consensus Diligence and PricewaterhouseCoopers for smart contract and security audits.

Founded by Christian Paul, Zebra Capital is the culmination of several years of honed skills in capital markets and alternative investments. The experienced team at Zebra Capital realizes that when it comes to crafting investment strategies for their clients, a “One Size Fits All” strategy simply doesn’t work. They adapt their approach to meet the precise requirements of their clients. As a result, they have a growing list of happy clients who have shared positive reviews and testimonials about their experience using the company’s advisory services.

Christian has been working in the finance industry for several years. He has a keen eye to discover disruptive alternative investments that have the potential to give high returns to the investors. Christian understands cryptocurrencies are a foundational technology. They will create new business structures that will positively affect the financial system in the future. By creating Zebra Capital, he offers his skills in asset management to emerging market investors who are keen to seize the potential held within this sector. He opens doors to index and treasury solutions that give his clients a hedge against inflation in the face of rampant Fed led, dollar devaluation policies.

“There is a very low correlation between alternatives and traditional assets. So, they will usually trend in opposite directions,” says Christian. “This makes alternatives a wise addition to the portfolios of investors who are looking to diversify, spread out risk, and increase returns.”

Zebra Capital has in-depth DeFi knowledge and has an enthusiastic team of market analysts that keeps tabs on DeFi market data for the benefit of long-term cryptocurrency investors. They are working with smart contract developers and quant analysts to deliver a set and forget crypto index fund investment for their clients. Zebra Capital clients will enjoy first mover advantages via its crypto fund index products.

“The Zebra Capital fund index is soaring and had a 32% index growth at the end of 2020 with $10 million assets under management,” says Christian. “In contrast, the average return for the S&P 500 stands at around 7%, when adjusted for inflation. The crypto-based fund index is carving out its niche by leveraging robust decentralized finance tokens that have an established growth curve.”

Alternative investment is a constantly evolving industry and new opportunities keep emerging all the time. With globalization and rapid advances in technology, there will always be new opportunities in this space in the foreseeable future.

About ZEBRA Capital

ZEBRA Capital offers asset management services with specialization in alternative investments. The company provides significant strategic value to their partners by means of an array of niche, focused active investments.

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