Bangsta Bears Announces Upcoming NFT Project

January 24 19:20 2022
Bangsta Bears Announces Upcoming NFT Project
Bangsta Bears is happy to announce that their new NFT Project is set in motion. It is a collection of 5000 gang-banging bears. The pre-sale is already sold out, and it will be available to the public starting January 28th at 5 PM EST.

Bangsta Bears is a collection of 5,000 Gang Bangin’ Bears. Two hundred fifty of these bears have already spawned into the NFT world and are running orders on the Ethereum Blockchain. Only 4,750 newly recruited Bangsta Bears will slip by the whisky fees on the Ethereum blockchain and right onto the Solana chain. By doing this, there will be very minimal gas fees, allowing many more Bangstas to join the crew and unite for the common goal of integrating into the Metaverse and running Web 3.0. 

There are many benefits of owning a Bangsta Bear. Bangsta Bear holders WILL get direct access to the founder Erk, who will also do weekly classes on many different topics, including NFTs, Crypto, Investing, and more! Top holders & OGs will be able to book one-on-one calls at least once a month. The holders will also reap the benefits from holding onto a bear. A token will be created, and there are huge plans for dispersing it, but Bangsta Bear holders will hold a majority of the token. The holders will be given access to members only Stock, Crypto, and NFT calls, analysis, and a daily overview of each market, along with access to airdrops, exclusive giveaways, and potential future projects for FREE. 

On speaking to the media, the owner Austin, a.k.a Erk, said, “That I have learned a lot in the past years from my investing and have gained enough expertise to help people learn as well as earn with me.” 

The pre-sale is already sold out. For the public sale, the supply is 3,750 with a mint price of 0.39 SOL. Starting 28th Jan at 5 pm EST / 10 pm UTC, one can start minting. In the days leading up to mint day, they will be rolling out a step-by-step video and make sure their customers have their wallets set up, locked & loaded for launch time. 

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