Dr. D. Green Helping Small Businesses Survive During The Pandemic Times

January 24 19:30 2022
Dr. D. Green and his team of management students have been doing their bit for the sake of helping small businesses stay afloat. They have been offering marketing advertisements and sharing tips to allow businesses to soar ahead and thrive well.

Dr. D. Green who is a part of AGM Consulting is a renowned and awarded author. He has been sharing his expertise and tips for helping small businesses stay afloat in the hard time that has arisen because of the pandemic. He has co-authored a book titled ‘Small Business Marketing’ wherein he has provided a roadmap along with a checklist which when duly followed will help the businesses in understanding the right ways by which they can flourish. 

He wants to truly make a difference and all business owners need to ask questions like what’s their vision and whether the employees and customers are aware of it. One needs to analyze what success means and how to measure it in the right way.

Businesses should always be mindful of parameters like cash flow, revenues, and keep them in check for assessing the growth that the companies have achieved and thereby planning their marketing strategies in tandem with it. He also urges the company to carry out SWOT analysis as this helps them seek the right methods by which they can work on the weaknesses and further their strength in the best way. 

He has succeeded so far in helping several firms and aspires to extend his help and service to all willing firms wanting to taste success. He is confident that his consultation will come in handy. 

Those who would like to go through the book or even follow more of the teachings by Dr. Green should make it a point to visit www.drdarylgreen.com.

About Dr. Green:

Dr. Green is a part of AGM Consulting and he is one of the celebrated authors and has been doing phenomenal work as far as helping businesses is concerned. He has the right management expertise and his experience and knowledge make him one of the top and known names in this circuit.

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