“The Maestro Monologue” by Rob White was announced as the May 2022 Book of the Month by Scott Hughes, creator and owner of OnlineBookClub.org

April 13 08:52 2022

The Maestro Monologue by Rob White has received over 170 perfect four-star reviews from OnlineBookClub.org reviewers, and now it’s also received the title of Book of the Month.

“Rob’s book reminds us what we were told as kids — that we can be whoever or whatever we want! — and points out that it’s the repeated ‘no’s that we’ve heard throughout our lives that stop us,” Beth Jackson, Director of Book Promotions for OnlineBookClub.org said. “The book is designed to overcome those ‘no’s and reclaim our right to be the maestros of our own lives. As someone who has recently discovered who she is, and is still learning just how powerful it can be to start carving my place in this world, I strongly, personally connect with Rob’s words.”

“This is a masterpiece that deserves to be read because of the author’s analytical approach and logical concepts,” Elisa Joy Ocasla wrote in a review of the book. “It is imperative that we understand who we are, where we are going, and how to defeat our intruders in order to overcome the perplexing issues and tormenting failures that we face. In this book, you’ll learn about your life’s purpose, who you are, and what may make you successful.”

Rob White had a Chat with Sarah — an official OnlineBookClub.org interview — and was asked how The Maestro Monologue is different from other self-help books. He replied: “Who we really are is who we rarely are because we are too busy being who we are not—The Intruder! And until we are willing to deal with that, trying to improve our lives is a monumental task that is rarely satisfying.”

“It’s terrific that The Maestro Monologue is so focused on guiding readers to shed the doubts and the negativity our minds so frequently present to us,” Scott Hughes, founder of OnlineBookClub.org, said.

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