Faceunity Technology Upgraded Its AR SDK, Expanding the Gameplay for Interactions in Live Streaming

April 13 14:09 2022

New York – Recently, Faceunity Technology has upgraded the algorithms and effects of its AR SDK. The new-generation AR SDK released by Faceunity Technology delivers more than 20 AR video effect capabilities to fully empower developers. Relying on these basic capabilities and superimposed operations, Faceunity Technology builds a complete set of AR video solutions.

The new-generation AR SDK is an AR video effect solution based on real-time face tracking, human motion tracking, portrait segmentation, gesture recognition, and other deep learning technologies, providing great well-round AR effect capabilities in the industry.

The algorithm capabilities include facial landmarks, facial expression & action detection, 3D face model reconstruction, 2D human body landmarks, 3D human skeleton, portrait segmentation, head segmentation, hair segmentation, gesture recognition, etc. In terms of face special effects, Faceunity establishes up to 241 dense facial landmarks. Especially for the two most “distinguishing” features: mouth and eyes, Faceunity provides more accurate landmarks to cater to more applications. Meanwhile, we also produce 56 facial expression coefficients and 25 human body landmarks. All of these make it possible for real-time driving of a virtual image from face to body, with flexible, vivid, and interesting effects. In addition, we use technologies such as portrait segmentation, head segmentation, and hair segmentation for accurate and real-time contour recognition with clear edges. Together with 15 types of human motion recognition technologies and 14 gesture recognition technologies, we create more real-time interaction modes, greatly expanding users’ space for creativity.

Since 2016, Faceunity has continuously updated and iterated its AR video effect solutions for developers and now formed a mature product line with diversified gameplay and excellent performance. Faceunity’s AR SDK includes a wealth of special effects, such as face beautification & reshaping, portrait filters, makeup & hair styling, body reshaping & slimming, AR props & stickers, image matting, facial expression & gesture interaction, background segmentation, and funny headshots, face-driven virtual images, body-driven virtual image, etc., covering all the special effect features of the mainstream AR products in the industry. It makes the portrait shooting more aesthetic and artistic, and the video shooting more interactive and fun.

Faceunity’s AR SDK is available on mainstream platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Unity and can be flexibly incorporated into various business scenarios. Faceunity also illustrates how to integrate its AR SDK with other products from dozens of audio/video manufacturers in the industry, helping you get started quickly with a high success rate. At the same time, Faceunity embraces a professional technical support team that is well-known in the industry for its 7X24h services, such as quick response, assistance for integration, and perfect pre-sales and after-sales service.

Furthermore, for video producers with different needs, Faceunity Technology provides open-sourced FU Creator, for these creative and capable platform developers to create their own unique AR special effects easily by customizing their production, packaging, and real-time debugging processes. On the FU Creator, developers can customize more than ten special effects such as 2D/3D stickers, Animoji, AR masks, beauty makeup, background segmentation, etc. Besides, special effects can be triggered by 15 facial expressions and 15 gestures such as smile, wink, finger heart/hand heart, thumb up, etc. The personalized storyline also helps developers expand their abilities and gameplay independently and efficiently.

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