Bionime containerized applications have proven to quickly go to the cloud and leverage AWS to solve deployment issues

April 13 14:46 2022
Bionime containerized applications have proven to quickly go to the cloud and leverage AWS to solve deployment issues
Deployment issues are now easily being solved with Bionime containerized applications that connect with the cloud and leverage AWS to provide an elegant solution.

Since starting in Taiwan, Bionime’s subsidiaries have now spread to Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa, and the distribution network has expanded to more than 100 countries worldwide. Bionime has successfully established the “Rightest Precision Health Care Circle” under the brand name “RIGHTEST” to provide accurate blood glucose measurement and personal blood glucose management services, expanding on the possibilities in traditional blood glucose management.

Bionime is committed to developing blood glucose management systems, starting with personal home blood glucose meters and establishing an IOT software department to develop POCT connected blood glucose monitoring systems for use in medical centers and linking to hospital information systems to integrate blood glucose meters from various hospitals, improving healthcare efficiency. In the past, after a patient’s blood glucose was measured, results had to be transcribed on paper and entered into the medical record system by the medical staff. This process is riddled with errors, including the patient mistakenly transcribing the data displayed on the machine or the medical staff making mistakes when entering the patient’s blood glucose data into the system.

Digital blood glucose management reduces human errors –

The in-hospital digital glucose management system integrates with the hospital’s internal IT system. It provides staff with the ability to confirm the identity of patients by scanning the information displayed on the hospital’s patient bracelet. The system can be customized to meet the requirements of each hospital.

With the expansion of the market, Bionime began to provide personalized products that allow patients to measure blood glucose at home and record it digitally. Later, they also moved the original in-hospital blood glucose system used by medical centers to the cloud and modified it into a blood glucose management system suitable for primary care units, such as clinics, health education centers, and long-term care centers.

Starting in 2017, Bionime started to move to the cloud. Due to the development of the new Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meter products, using cloud services became a necessity. A Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meter uploads blood glucose results to the cloud through mobile devices and apps to help users digitally manage their blood glucose. This improves the ease of data sharing and reduces errors that may occur when transcribing data.

Bionime now relies on cloud-based products, including Rightest CARE (a personal app) and Rightest Diabetes Management System, which includes a professional blood glucose management app, a connected professional blood glucose meter, a professional blood glucose management web service, and an internal management backend.

Deconstructing the application to enhance the flexibility of expansion

The original system is based on improving the in-hospital blood glucose management systems for medical centers. Relying only on a single database, even if the system is on the cloud, applications running on Amazon EC2 can be expanded horizontally at a large scale but eventually still must access the same RDS database to execute. When the traffic suddenly soars, the database can be overloaded and may render the overall platform service abnormal. Therefore, the overall service scale is still limited.

Chi-Lung Yeh stated that because of the high cost of modifying the architecture of the old program, at present, they are choosing to maintain a single large RDS database executable to cope with peak data connection demand. But traffic is not always at its peak, so Bionime began to try various methods of reducing unnecessary waste of resources, including modifying the architecture to spread the burden of the database executable as much as possible.

In the new product, Bionime adopted a modern application design approach, starting with the application architecture, to solve the problem completely. Mr. Ye mentioned that they dismantled the original monolithic application and microserviced the application in the new product, making the application architecture truly scalable and flexible.

Solving EC2 deployment pains with AWS Elastic Beanstalk –

Another difficulty that Bionime encountered in using cloud services is the complexity of application deployment. The overall deployment process is very troublesome and error-prone.

By using AWS Elastic Beanstalk, an AWS application deployment service, they have completely solved their EC2 deployment pain points. Elastic Beanstalk can automatically handle all the deployment tasks, including capacity deployment, load balancing, scaling, and application status monitoring, effectively reducing the workload of the administrators. In addition, they are gradually switching to an AWS-hosted Kubernetes service called Amazon EKS, with Blue-Green deployment and Canary Deployment, to avoid the impact on the service caused by advanced and receding versions.

In terms of the monitoring system, Bionime not only uses AWS monitoring service CloudWatch to monitor important metrics of the system in real-time but also deploys Prometheus and Grafana on EKS to monitor more detailed metrics such as HTTP status codes, machine CPU capacity, network traffic, etc., to fully grasp the status of the platform services.

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