The first innovative decentralized income game, NO 1 Player is about to explode

April 29 17:24 2022

The NO 1 Player is an innovative decentralized revenue game running on the Binance (BSC) Smart Chain, which is generally understood as: the NO 1 Player is the miner hired by BNB, it can get paid for us, it is free Hosted and completely decentralized, all processes are completed based on smart contracts on BSC. The NO 1 Player relies on the efficient and innovative economic model of the BSC chain, and the future market potential is huge!

RPO is a decentralized stablecoin issued by the NO 1 Player system, which is a decentralized, unbiased, USD-pegged stablecoin. With extremely low volatility, RPO is resistant to hyperinflation and can provide economic freedom and opportunity for anyone, anywhere. RPO is the decentralized governance token of the NO 1 Player, and holders can also use RPO to initiate proposals and vote to govern the major issues or development direction of the NO 1 Player.

How NO 1 Player Plays

Enter from the NO 1 Player’s DAPP and turn on the miner mode. The NO 1 Player adopts the BNB dividend model. Investors have a minimum investment of 0.1 coins, and there is no maximum limit. Profit dividends can be as high as 8%-13% per day, and dividends are distributed in real time 24 hours a day.

The first innovative decentralized income game, NO 1 Player is about to explode!

Highlights of NO 1 Player

1. High Yield: The daily profit of participating NO 1 Player can be as high as 13%. The longer the daily handling time, the higher the profit.

2. Fast payback: The NO 1 Player’s miner is a locked bonus pool. It only takes a short time for players to receive the corresponding bonus money in “My Rewards” in the DAPP.

3. Good strategy: The NO 1 Player adopts the tried and tested method stipulated in the contract, that is, re-moving for 6 days and 1 day per week, which can make the player’s investment compound interest rolling, and the player will be able to take it back after 3-5 weeks investment return.

The first innovative decentralized income game, NO 1 Player is about to explode!

4. Unlimited: There is no minimum deposit requirement and no minimum re-removal requirement. Players can participate in the game with a low threshold.

5. Anti-cut whale: The NO 1 Player’s contract has a built-in anti-whale mechanism. Its working principle is as follows: User A participates in 6:1 to obtain the highest daily percentage within 24 hours. User B participates 5:2 to get a lower percentage. User C participates 4:3 and gets a lower percentage again. This happens until users who keep eating rewards will drop to 0.5% every 24 hours. This is to prevent one user from running out of TVL, creating sustainability.

6. Persistence: The locked amount in the contract pool means there is a reward, and those who need to carry too much will be punished, and the reward will be lower and lower. The higher the amount locked in the contract pool, the longer the NO 1 Player will continue to develop.

The first innovative decentralized income game, NO 1 Player is about to explode!

7. Fast promotion: the player’s recommendation will appear in the “My Rewards” column in the DAPP, where the recommendation bonus is 13% of the other party’s deposit, and the other party’s 1 BNB deposit player can get 0.13 BNB, a high amount of return. The commission mechanism allows the market to develop faster.

Smart contract games have become unstoppable and will become a major trend in future development. The NO 1 Player is bound to make the world’s blockchain enthusiasts and investors boil over. Relying on the smart contract mechanism of blockchain technology, investment has completely ignited The desires of speculators and speculators!

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