Skytoken – Intelligent mobile defense platform helping to prevent school shootings

May 19 19:24 2022

Skypath Security is a leader in protecting students, employees, schools and workspaces from active threats and all hazards through Skypath’s certification safety and security system. The Skypath system utilizes the most reliable technology, products and services available. The outcome or objective of a security and vulnerability assessment is to provide recommendations that maximize the safety and security of employees and the general public. The Skypath Mobile Defense Platform™ gives real time, critical information to first responders of people trapped in an infrastructure, have a medical emergency, or where an active threat is located throughout a building. This information is also relayed in real time to employees of any hazardous situations and is easily customizable through our mobile defense platform.

SkyToken ($SKY) is the first of its kind, Ethereum based ERC-20 charity token, created to work with the Skypath Foundation and Skypath Security. Skypath Security has developed a state-of-the-art technology aimed towards securing schools, churches, event halls or any public space. The SkyToken Foundation utility/charity function will offer free access, up to 12 months, to Skypath Security’s Mobile Defense Platform™.

Name: SkyToken Ticker: $SKY

Decimals: 18

Contract Address: 0x33e2c129eA670031659AC8852c01D0Fe4B297954

Network: Ethereum (ERC-20 token)

SkyToken ($SKY) 37,500,000 — Initial supply

3,500,000 — Allocated for marketing, partners and promotion.

1,500,000 — Allocated to liquidity locks and market makers.

100% of the net proceeds after expenses and allocations will be allocated to the “Skypath Mobile Defense Grant Program.”

The SkyToken team is fully doxed and KYC’s, company LLC’s and a full time Chief Compliance Officer who has designations as a Certified Crypto Currency Auditor, Certified Blockchain Expert and Certified Ethereum Expert with years of Regulatory Compliance (Fraud, BSA/AML, KYC, CID, Consumer Regulation and Consumer Banking laws) experience. The Chief Compliance Officer has tier 1 CEX experience, creating and building EMEA and USA Fraud Prevention Programs.

Skypath Security and SkyToken Foundation have secured a partnership with one of the largest companies in world. An announcement will be made in the upcoming weeks.

SkyToken was created as a charity function to work in conjunction with Skypath Security to give any public building the access to the tools they need to keep their occupants and first responders safe during any active threat.

Skypath Security and SkyToken together will solve the following problems:

Problem (1): Statistics show most of all threat assessments are completed manually. This has led to a variety of threat assessment gaps, inefficiencies and inaccuracies in the information obtained and reviewed.

Solution (1): Skypath Security™ has created, developed and completed a state-of-the-art Mobilized Platform that allows clients and Threat Assessment Officers (“TAT”) the ability to enter and receive data and information digitally. Data and information can be input and accessed with the Mobile Defense Platform on all mobile devices.

Problem (2): Many times, throughout the USA and abroad, first responders are called to dangerous situations like entering buildings during imminent situations. Previously, public spaces had no other option but to rely on the original set of schematics or blueprints created during the initial construction that may not reflect changes or modifications to the structures since then.

Solution (2): Skypath’s Mobile Defense Platform can utilize a state-of-the-art Schematic and Blueprint Technology to create digital plans or blueprints of public spaces by uploading existing plans or utilizing 3D Panoramic Photographic technologies to create live interactive 2D, 3D or BIM set of plans and models that clients and First Responders will be able to view, update, and markup using any mobile device whether online or offline. Skypath Security is committed to the safety of our first responders and will be offering them access to its cloud-based software technology for free.

Problem (3): The safety of individuals in an active threat situation is paramount. The lack of communication between first responders and individuals involved in a real time event can lead to additional loss of life. Time saves lives.

Solution (3): During an active shooter event teachers, administrators or employees can lock their room, take cover and use the Skypath Mobile Defense Platform and App™ on their phone to mark their room occupied and indicate the number of occupants in the room prior to first responders arriving onsite. First responders will be able to use their mobile devices prior to making entry to locate current occupants in danger. This allows for safe and secure extractions, eliminating the need to go room to room searching for individual occupants. Skypath saves time and lives!

Problem (4): In the event of an Active Threat Crisis, the receipt of timely, accurate data and information is imperative. In most situations, first responders do not have real time information and intelligence. Having accurate data, information and plans saves time and lives!

Solution (4): The Mobilized Platform will allow this process to start sooner once Certified Skypath buildings are linked to first responders. First responders will have access to the information on all mobile devices via Skypath’s Mobilized Platform Cloud Based Software; increasing efficiency while increasing the number of lives saved!

Problem (5): Due to upward trending growth in Active Threats, public buildings are finding the need to carry Active Threat Insurance due to increased liability in the loss of life or injury.

Solution (5): Having a Certified Threat Assessment done by Skypath Security will benefit the insured by helping reduce insurance premiums provided by insurance companies. This reduction in premiums could potentially cover the cost of installation and implementation of the Mobile Defense Platform.

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