Data reporting made easy with InetSoft, a SaaS BI software for crucial business needs

October 04 08:44 2022
InetSoft is a reporting Business Intelligence (BI) tool that combines the power of the cloud. InetSoft allows business professionals to manage their data and present it beautifully. The tool comes with a wide range of robust features that every business needs.

USA – Allowing businesses to leverage the true power of data, InetSoft is a reporting and data management tool. This SaaS-based product, developed by InetSoft Technology, helps businesses make crucial decisions by using the data and insights effectively. After creating intuitive reports from InetSoft, business managers can then make informed decisions. These informational reports deliver the ideal method for businesses to stay up to date with what their customers want and what areas they lag in; thus allowing them to take better decisions before things go south.

InetSoft is based on the cloud, which means all the user data is securely saved and can be accessed anywhere on multiple ranges of devices. Custom branding and theming on InetSoft is a breeze. Users can easily change color schemes, add company logos, and personalize the reports as they see fit. Furthermore, with multiple users logging in, InetSoft allows teams to easily collaborate and create reports on the go.

While talking about the performance of  InetSoft’s data reporting solution, Abhishek Gupta, Product Manager commented, “Analytics, dashboards and reporting can put a heavy burden on a business application’s data store. Furthermore, transforming transactional data into analytics and reporting data can introduce intolerable performance issues for the user experience. On-demand data stored by the user for analytics and reporting tasks needed at that moment is both lightweight and dynamic. This will reduce the load on transactional databases and improve the user experience.”

About InetSoft

InetSoft Technology was founded in 1996 with a mission to deliver valuable insights through data. The company provides data-oriented products to help businesses reach their potential. One of the company’s highly-regarded tools, InetSoft makes it possible for organizations and solution providers of all sizes to deploy or embed full-featured business intelligence solutions. Since its creation, InetSoft has grown to a full-scale enterprise tool that is being used by over 5,000 users.

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