GlobusChain: Everything About The New Blockchain Project, Giveaway, & Presale

October 04 23:20 2022
GlobusChain: Everything About The New Blockchain Project, Giveaway, & Presale
Globus Smart Chain was born to empower crypto users and enthusiasts with ecosystem of products and services that gives a boost to the global usage and acceptance of crypto assets.

Globus Blockchain is a comprehensive platform for all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts out there. Rather than working on a number of platforms, they aim to achieve their goal of the growth of funds in the Blockchain world. The main objective of the platform is to provide genuine value to its community through the development of meaningful products and services to achieve inevitable success.

The work on ideation of the Globus chain and Globus smart coin starred in April 2022. From the months of April to June white paper, future goals, and preparation of a road map was finalised and finished by the team. It was followed by ICO web designing during the same time frame.

From July to September 2022, the ICO website was developed for Globus smart Coins. Contract deployment, the launch of the ICO website, and pre-sale of Globus smart Coins (GLSC) S. This was followed by promotion through initial buyers and affiliates.

A total of 1 quadrillion Globus Smart Coins have been minted through a Smart contract and deployed through the Binance smart chain. Their focus is to sell off 20 percent of their tokens through a 4-phase presale that would be running for 92 days. While the first presale will last for 45 days, the next presales will last for 15 days each. Retail investors can invest for as low as 0.1BNB. However, no FIAT currencies will be accepted during the presale phases. 

From October 2022 to December 2022, Globus Chain team plans to start a Globus Chain Pre-Sale Stage 1, influencer promotion, start work on developing Globus block chain, development for Multicurrency crypto wallet, Pre-Sale stage 2, Pre-Sale Stage 3, Pre-Sale Stage 4, and expansion of the team.

The 1st presale phase is commencing from 1st October 2022 onwards. The 2nd presale phase will commence from 15 November 2022, and the 3rd presale phase will commence from 1st December to 14th December, and the 4th presale phase will commence from 15th December. ICO will be launched 1st January 2023 onwards, wherein 1 BNB will be worth 260,000,000 GLSC.

During the 1st presale phase, you can buy 2,600,000,000 GLS for 1 BNB. During the 2nd presale phase, it will be 1,300,000,000 GLSC for 1 BNB. During the 3rd presale phase, it will 650,000,000 GLSC for 1 BNB, and finally in the 4th presale phase and the on the time of ICO launch it will be 325,000,000 GLSC for 1 BNB.

As a solution-oriented platform, Globus Smart Chain plans to build an ecosystem that will help users secure their assets, trade them, and use them for a number of services in years to come. They aim to reinvent blockchain technology in such a way that it easily seeps into our daily lifestyle, and becomes accessible to a greater number of people. Future products offered by the smart chain platform will include a multicurrency wallet, Defi exchange, audit platform for Globus block chain, dating app, P2P exchange, NFT marketplace, and many more solutions. GLSC is a Utility token which can be used in future to buy many utilities in Globus chain ecosystem and partners ecosystem.

You can become Globus chain influencer and get airdrop of 100,000 Globus Smart Coins or GLSC. All one needs to do is follow them on Twitter, tweet about them and tag Elon Musk, join their telegram channel, fill in a Google form, and finally submit the form. And, 1000 lucky participants stand a chance to win $10K worth of GLSC each. 10 lucky individuals also stand a chance to win $100K worth of Globus Smart Coins. There are over 13 unique ways you can participate in the competition, and win. Results will be announced on 2nd January 2023. Globus chain are also planning to come up with their blockchain test net before first quarter of 2023.

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