“A Sunshine Rock: A Story About Empathy,” written by Award Winning author Tahiya Cooper, is set to launch on March 4th

February 07 14:10 2023
Tahiya Cooper is a school counselor From Maryland.

After the rousing success of her first book, titled. “Kindness Week,” inspired by the kindness club she created at her elementary school, Tahiya Cooper, the school counselor from Elkton, Maryland, is finally set to launch her second book, “A Sunshine Rock: A Story About Empathy,” on March 4th. Her new book will highlight the importance of seeing things from other perspectives and how this can make a difference in life.

Featured on Channel 6 Action News spreading kindness, featured in the Kids Kidliomag Magazine, and her local newspaper Cecil Whig, Ms. Cooper is a winner of several awards, such as First Place in Social Themes and Honorable Mention for Diversity and Multicultural from Bookfest. 

Ms. Cooper says, “My life has been filled with difficulties. One of them has been identified as having the uncommon condition Keratoconus. My vision is affected by the eye condition keratoconus. Right now, I’m close to becoming legally blind in my right eye and nearly blind in my left eye. I am unable to drive in heavy weather or at night, which is fairly upsetting. Room brightness can occasionally make my eyes burn. I fought many of these issues when writing my first book and had surgery on both eyes during the past few years. My vision issues did not cause me to stray from my objective.”

She adds, “On December 29, 2021, I published my first children’s book, “Kindness Week,” and I officially became an author. I sold almost 600 books in my first month of becoming a published author. I want to keep promoting kindness and the value of considering others. On March 4th, “The Sunshine Rock: A Story About Empathy,” my second book, will be made available. Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Many people told me I could never be an author, and I still never doubted it. In fact, I overcame their doubts with hard work, perseverance, devotion, and the will to achieve my goals.”

One popular extract from her new book, “The Sunshine Rock: A Story About Empathy,” reads, “On the way home, she realized that she no longer needed her Sunshine Rock. The kindness and empathy exhibited by her classmates made her feel right at home.” Ms. Cooper plans to continue writing books about kindness, empathy, and social-emotional learning, aiming to write more books with diverse characters. 

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