Bill de la Cruz Releases Second Edition of “Finding the Origination Point, Understanding Our Bias to Create A More Peaceful World”

May 08 14:40 2023

Boulder, CO, USA – May 8, 2023 – Bill de la Cruz, Inclusion and Belonging Facilitator, is excited to share a process for having conversations about race, biases, stereotypes, and judgments that allow for real talk. Moving away from the divisiveness of this conversation to finding connecting points in how we see each other. De la Cruz’s book, Finding the Origination Point, offers the reader the opportunity to free themselves from the self-protecting, seemingly subtle control and manipulation of personal biases and biases we all have. Bill de la Cruz walks us through the step-by-step process that he and his many clients have used to systematically follow their biases back to their point of origination to find healing, growth, understanding, and choice.

“My book Finding the Origination Point, Understanding Our Bias to Create A More Peaceful World, is the answer that the world needs,” explains de la Cruz. “We have to learn and practice how to have a conversation without dehumanizing each other. It’s about deconstructing biases so that they do not constrict your interactions with people who fit your biased experiences, an unconscious process that controls our interactions.”

The intention of “Finding the Origination Point” is to give you processes and protocols that will serve you as you travel through a lifetime of growth without judging, blaming, or shaming yourself for being normal. It is possible to normalize a biased conversation and transform our interactions into purposeful conversations as we bring our unconscious biases into our conscious awareness.

Finding the Origination Point, Understanding Our Bias to Create A More Peaceful World is available on Amazon and on de la Cruz’s website,

About Bill de la Cruz

Bill de la Cruz is an aspiring leader who has been guiding individuals and groups through the process of personal transformation, as a mediator and workshop leader for 30 years. He developed his programs and workshops in order to help individuals and groups build self-awareness, enhance relationships, and to help foster positive, sustainable personal growth. Bill has been on his own personal growth journey for over 40 years, inspiring him to develop specific practices designed to help create positive, lasting change.

This approach to bias work grew from Bill’s personal experience of attending hundreds of self-help training events and reading hundreds of self-help books. Many of these experiences told him that he must do “the work” but they too often failed to clearly define what that work should actually look like. Out of his 40-year journey, Bill developed daily practices that continue to support his personal growth and self-awareness and he has dedicated himself to making these practices available to others.

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