Skyhigh Blockchain Sets New Speed Records, Emerging as the Fastest Blockchain Solution

September 28 16:16 2023
Skyhigh Blockchain has achieved unprecedented speed and is emerging as the quickest solution in the Blockchain Space.

Skyhigh, a player in the world of technology once again showcases its dedication to innovation and swiftness. Operating on a blockchain 3.0 platform equipped with smart contracts Skyhigh proudly stands as the fastest blockchain available solution in the market.

With a capability to handle more than 500,000 transactions per second Skyhigh redefines what can be achieved in the realm of blockchain technology. What truly sets Skyhigh apart is its ability to finalize transactions within than a second ensuring efficiency and speed for every transaction.

While Ethereum is one of the well-known blockchain platforms, Skyhigh is 10,000 times faster, which is impressive in contrast. It also outperforms Solana, another competitor in the arena, by an astounding 108 times. By clearly setting a standard for great blockchain performance, Skyhigh is establishing a baseline.

Operating as a Layer 1 Blockchain, Skyhigh provides a secure foundation for applications (dApps) and smart contracts. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) offering developers an environment for creating and deploying blockchain-based solutions.


One of Skyhigh’s achievements is overcoming the blockchain trilemma, which has posed significant challenges to the industry.  Traditionally blockchains have faced challenges, in finding the balance between security, scalability, and decentralization. However, we have made breakthroughs in this area.

If a user wants to witness the speed and capabilities of Skyhigh Blockchain then they encourage them to visit their website-

Soon, Skyhigh Blockchain will be listed on Coinstore, giving fans and investors the chance to learn more about this revolutionary technology and its potential effects on the blockchain industry.

Skyhigh is at the forefront of revolutionizing the landscape by offering speed, scalability, and compatibility. The transactions on the Skyhigh network are approved by thousands of computers and devices which removes almost all people from the verification process, resulting in less human error and an accurate record of information.

About Skyhigh

Skyhigh is a trailblazer when it comes to blockchain technology setting benchmarks for speed and efficiency. With our blockchain 3.0 platform, we are leading the charge in redefining how blockchain can be leveraged across various applications. Our commitment lies in providing the most reliable blockchain solution in the industry.

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